This app is made to hassle you!

Or rather, it lets you hassle yourself.

When you want to keep reminding yourself to do something, but don't want to go through the hassle of using a full blown to-do app or even setting up a calendar entry, this is the app for you.

Hassle yourself on these devices

Lumia 920

Windows Phone

Windows Phone and Hassle Me! work great together. It fits right in with the look and feel of the phone, even personalizing the logo to your phone's theme. You can have your phone periodically remind you that you have something to do. If you don't want to be hassled quite that much, it's got a live tile so you can hassle yourself without even opening the app. Snazzy!


The iPhone already has the Reminders app, so why would you want to use Hassle Me! on it? The answer is simple: it's simple! Instead of trying to be a to-do list, Hassle Me! just lets you keep reminding yourself you need to do something and when you've done it, delete it. Easy! Hassle Me! can hassle you if you want it to, or it can just show you, at a glance, how many things you've got to do. It's up to you.
Nexus 4


Hassle Me! works great with Android and it's notification bar.  Whenever you're using your phone or tablet, your reminders are right there, at a glance.  Just drag the notification down to see all the tasks you have left to do.  If you'd like to hassle yourself even more, you can do so by adding a recurring sound effect.

At A Glance

Don’t bother opening the app, you’ll be able to see how many reminders you have no matter which device you’re on.

Quick and Easy

One tap is all it takes to start entering a reminder.

Sync between devices

With Hassle Me! Everywhere, your reminders are synced between all of your devices.  So no matter what you’re looking at, you will always know what’s outstanding.

Coming soon.

Voice Activated

If you’re on the go, use the speech-to-text feature to add new reminders hands-free.

Attach a picture

Don’t want to type something in?  Remind yourself to do something by taking a picture instead.

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