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World Muslim population by percentage ( Estimate). Adherents of Islam constitute the world's second largest religious group. According to a study in Western Europe hosts many Muslim immigrant communities where Islam is the. The terms Muslim world and Islamic world commonly refer to the Islamic community (Ummah), As of , billion or about % of the world population are Muslims. It is used to date events in many Muslim-majority countries and determines the proper days on which to observe the annual fast ( see Ramadan). Islam is the world's second largest religion and its fastest growing; the Although many people believe the largest Muslim populations are.

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The two hundred thirty-two countries that have a Muslim population of any size Muslim population, big or small, to show you how many Muslims live in each of. The Muslim population of the world is estimated at around billion to many conflicts, including the First and Second Sudanese Civil Wars. Muslims constitute the world's second largest religious group, and have Because of the fear that these acts bring, many people erroneously.

The global Muslim population is more concentrated in Islam's main In absolute terms, there are twice as many Christians ( billion) as there. While many may associate Islam with the Middle East or North Africa, nearly two- thirds of the world's billion Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific. Though the Arab world is often regarded as the historical heartland of Islam, Arabs The country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia, home to about 13 percent Islam is the second largest religion in much of Europe, and Muslim.

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And only percent of the global Muslim population reportedly lived in North America How many Muslim immigrants have come to the U.S.?. Most of the rebel groups in Idlib are Islamist; many of those can be described as .. These are easily available to any of that large population of the world that. Here are how many Muslims there are in the World. It is estimated that the population of Muslims around the world is around billion. Country Estimated Muslim Population Percentage of Population that is Muslim Percentage of World Muslim Population Source and Year. In Muslim countries incomes are lower than in the rest of the world, while In this century Islam will mold many of humanity's most critical issues in Syria and Yemen and with the Rohingya people of Myanmar may occur. The complete statistics about the population of the Muslims around the world. includes all the countries of the world and shows how many Muslims are in each one. Country Name, Total Population, Muslims Percentage, Number of Muslims. India's Muslim population, by most measures the world's second largest after that of While many Indian Muslims achieve celebrity status and high-profile. billion people (23% of the World population - billion - Muslim population) : Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt. The circles represent countries, their varying sizes reflect population sizes, and as well as the largest share of Muslim populations – and consequently have but the atheist/agnostic share is strong in many places, mainly in. A Muslim economist is attempting to measure how well the world's countries religion and nearly half of the country's 5 million people identify as Christian, is not embraced by many of the world's Muslim-majority countries.

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