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You no longer need a GoBank starter kit to open an account! Forcing users to buy kits at Walmart seemed to close GoBank off from its original. You can still pick up a GoBank starter kit at a participating Walmart for $ and use Buy GoBank Checking Account at hssl.me GoBank Checking Account. What are the benefits of a checking account with GoBank? .. You can purchase a “starter kit” at participating Walmart stores. It costs $

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Monthly drawings start in May for the $ winners, with the Grand Prize Add cash to your account at thousands of participating retailers nationwide **For ATM withdrawals made outside of the GoBank ATM network, a $ fee will apply. Walmart offers low-cost banking services designed for bargain shoppers in need of a checking account. Walmart itself is not a bank, but the GoBank account is. If you'd like to open an account in-person, you can head to your local Walmart and purchase a GoBank starter kit. You'll have to pay $ for.

hssl.me . Check out hssl.me for info on Starter Kits available in cities near you. - BB @gobank Doesn't say where to get a starter kit . Buy GoBank Checking Account at hssl.me GoBank MasterCard is a full- service checking account designed for people who want to say goodbye to big. GoBank does everything a standard checking account does and has several attractive features. To open an account, purchase a starter kit for $ at a Walmart.

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Wal-Mart is rolling out its first checking account, GoBank. First of all, you can only open an account by purchasing a $ starter kit from. GoBank is really simple to use. If you need a debit card right away, you can go to Walmart to pick up a GoBank starter kit for $ and activate. GoBank, which is available exclusively at Walmart, promises low fees as well as a Consumers can sign up for a GoBank account by purchasing a starter kit for. GoBank GoBank Checking Account review, fees, and features. $ monthly fee waived with $ monthly direct deposit; $ starter kit fee to open. GoBank offers mobile checking with a debit card and tools like bill pay. There's no credit check, and it's cheap if you stick to its fee-free options. (There's also a “starter kit” needed to sign up for a GoBank account, it detects that the purchase increases the customer's risk of going over. Wal-Mart said GoBank, its mobile checking account, would be Customers buying the service can pick up a starter kit at Wal-Mart stores. Walmart Adds GoBank Checking Account to Financial Offerings however, marks a big move for Walmart; while many retailers offer financing, the GoBank site are a $ opening fee (for the “starter kit”), a $20 minimum. A GoBank starter kit is available at Walmart stores for $, and of interchange , the fee merchants pay when people buy goods with plastic. $ for a starter kit to set up an account. – $ monthly Distribution through Walmart allows GoBank to acquire each incremental customer for a CPA in the.

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