How to pronounce chamfer

chamfer pronunciation. How to say chamfer. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more. Okay, so first off, sorry if this has been discussed before. How do you guys pronounce chamfer? I say sham-fer. However, my girlfriend, who is. Chamfer definition is - to cut a furrow in (something, such as a column): groove.

chamfer vs fillet

Pronunciation[edit]. Audio (US). Menu. (file). (US) IPA: /ˈtʃæm.fɚ/; (UK) IPA : /ˈʃæm.fə/. Definition of chamfer noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and. How to pronounce chamfer in English. The definition of chamfer is: two surfaces meeting at an angle different from

Definition of chamfer - (in carpentry) cut away (a right-angled edge or corner) to make a symmetrical sloping edge. 'a neat chamfered edge' . Pronunciation. How do you say chamfer in English? Pronunciation of chamfer found 8 audio voices, 2 Meanings, 2 Sentences and 10 Synonyms for chamfer. 77 pronunciations of chamfer in English. How to pronounce chamfer in English (1 out of 77): Tips to improve your English pronunciation.

Definition of CHAMFER in the dictionary. A chamfer is a beveled edge connecting two surfaces. How to say CHAMFER in sign language?. CHAMFER pronunciation - How to properly say CHAMFER. Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents. Chamfer definition, a cut that is made in wood or some other material, usually at a 45° angle to the adjacent principal faces. See more.

How to say chamfer in different accents. Listen the audio pronounciation, read the meaning, synonyms and antonyms. How do you say Chamfer (geometry)? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Chamfer (geometry) on pronouncekiwi. Chamfer definition is - to cut a furrow in (something, such as a column): groove. chamfer pronunciation. How to say chamfer. Listen to the audio pronunciation in . Learn how to say Chamfer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video. Oxford dictionary definition of the word chamfer: noun. Pronunciation details of Chamfer. How is Chamfer pronounced? International Phonetic Alphabet coded: chamfer = 'tʃæmfər ('/tʃ//æ/mf/ə/r). chamfer - Meaning in gujarati, what is meaning of chamfer in gujarati dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of chamfer in gujarati and English. A chamfer /ˈtʃæm.fər/ is a transitional edge between two faces of an object. Sometimes defined as a form of bevel, it is often created at a 45° angle between two. [–]fighterace00 0 points1 point2 points 6 months ago (0 children). Sure but how do you pronounce chamfer and chafe? permalink; embed; save. Carbine = Car-bine /// British pronunciation = Car-bean. Chamfer = Cam-fur. Daewoo = Die-woo. Flechette = Fleh-shett. Franchi = Fron-key. rocked,record,rock hard,rockhard,rocketed,rockfest,rockweed,truck farmer,section ,lamina,membrane,sliver,pellicle,shaving,spangle,stratum,cooler,coolly.

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