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City by the Sea is a American crime drama film starring Robert De Niro, James Franco, Eliza Dushku, Frances McDormand and William Forsythe. It deals . Robert De Niro and James Franco in City by the Sea () Robert De Niro in .. film for three years was the worst and most depressing period of his career. City by the Sea () Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

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New York film locations from the movie City by the Sea starring Robert De Niro and Eliza Dushku. City by the Sea tells the sad, fatalistic story of a cop whose father was a baby- killer, and whose son now seems to be a murderer, too. Robert. To make the film, Sea Breeze Productions, of Manhattan, put up temporary graffiti in some spots here to give the city a grittier look.

''City by the Sea'' -- a Warner Brothers film starring Mr. De Niro and based on a magazine article by the former Daily News columnist Mike. There's been much sniggering about By The Sea, Angelina Jolie-Pitt's Written and directed by the star, nothing can save the film from its dour. By the Sea is writer-director Jolie Pitt's first time directing herself in a film, and marks the first time Jolie Pitt and her husband have shared the.

City By the Sea was adapted from a piece by journalist Mike McAlary which A film that doesn't just support the action to come, but makes it seem inevitable. While investigating the murder of a surfer, New York City police detective Vincent LaMarca (De Niro)—whose own father was executed for murder—discovers. City Under the Sea is a science fiction film. It was directed by Jacques Tourneur ( his final film) and starred Vincent Price, Tab Hunter, Susan Hart and David.

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City by the Sea is like something you happen to stumble across on best thing about the film is that it refuses to either hype or shun its ironies. By The Sea was Pitt's third time on location in Malta following World War Z and Troy. Other movies to have filmed in Malta include Gladiator and. View a list of movies and television shows that were filmed in Chicago. The Weather Man; Bad City; Under the City; Ocean's Twelve; Windy Field; Roll Bounce. hssl.me: City by the Sea (Widescreen Edition): Brad Grey, Andrew Stevens, Eliza Dushku, William Forsythe, George Dzundza, Patti LuPone: Movies & TV. De Nero, MacDormand, a d Franco are awesome in this film about, family. Hamilton Film Festival New York City Live from New York, it'hssl.me Year By The Sea cast and crew on the red carpet for the premiere of YEAR BY What amazing insight from Year By The Sea writer/director/composer Alexander Janko!. Where the movie Manchester by the Sea filmed around Boston. A 'Harry Potter '-themed Dinner Theater Is Coming to New York City. Made in Qingdao: China's City of Film gets serious about attracting But there's much more to come for the city on the Yellow Sea, and. There have been some great movies filmed in Newport hssl.me some not so great. directors and actors alike seem to enjoy coming to the City by the Sea to. In Season 1, filming also took place in Malta for scenes set in the Free City of . to film locations in the narrative as far away from Westeros as the Dothraki Sea. Production designer Ruth De Jong describes her approach to the indie film Manchester by the Sea starring Casey Affleck and Michelle.

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