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How to use Jan Tana. Forget everything you thought you knew on how to tan for a competition Simply Follow Jan Tana's 4 Easy Steps For The Award Winning . Play the instruction video how to use Jan Tana products. Simply Follow Jan Tana's 4 Easy Steps For The Award Winning Color! Competition color for bodybuldiers. Ultra 1 - Oficial IFBB Color.

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Day Of Competition: Spray on one application of Jan Tana Ultra 1 or Hi-Def Color . Use Deep Moisturizer on tanning puff to blend color over problem areas and. Jn Tana FAQ. Do you have a tan I can apply for a quick immediate tan for special occasions? Competiton Can I Shower After My First Application Of Color?. With Jan Tana. banner_img · book a tan. Stop! Book A Tan. Hair and Makeup Services. banner_img. Bestsellers. The Color Collection. USD $ Add to Cart.

Items 1 - 9 of 12 Champions Phil Heath, Nicole Wilkins, Oksana Grishina Rely on Jan Tana for. Rich Mahogany Color to apply The Day Of Competiton. My competition is tomorrow and the prejudging is at I was thinking of applying Jan Tana upon waking up tomorrow after breakfast. JanTana delivers consistent results and perfect tanning products for the fitness industry. Shop here for professional -and personal use.

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Week Of Competition: Use Jan Tana Skin Prep and Deep Moisturiser daily. Evening Before Contest: Bathe with Skin Prep, spray on Green Away. DO NOT apply. Quick & easy to apply. Fast drying. Streak free. Jan Tana Competition Tan creates an immediate, dark tan to enhance hardness, definition and magnify muscle. Jan Tana Competition tan for bodybuilding, bikini, figure physique and fitness competitions. Single use, do it yourself tanning. Jan Tana® Ultra 1 Collection. With Jan Tana® Ultra 1 Collection you will get a winning suntan in fast and easy way. Only one application in the morning of the. It's super easy to apply and only requires one application. Jan Tana Ultra 1 is the product you've been searching for and the sunless tanner that you need to win. Jan Tana Ultra 1 is the tan you use on the competiton day. The tan is really easy to apply and dries quickly! It gives pale white skin a deep chestnut color and. There's NO NEED to tan in a tanning bed or apply any other color. Perfect color To cover tattoos and imperfections, apply Jan Tana Tattoo Cover. Then blend. INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COLORS: We only use IFBB's approved Jan Tana Hi Def competition color – is a base color and is used for the base coat. I opted for the Jan Tana color collection products because those products gave me the Skin Prep– use this weeks prior to applying your tan to exfoliate. Use Deep Moisturizer on tanning puff to blend color on problem areas and remove bikini adhesive. Spray on Jan Tana Glaze back stage. DO NOT bathe until.

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