How to get more spin on wedge shots

Putting maximum spin on a wedge shot requires the right lie. Specifically, the ball must be sitting up and lying cleanly, with little or no grass. If you could consistently hit wedge shots with spin they would be much make you automatically spin your wedges, there are some you can do to increase spin. For spin, you need a higher-lofted club, such as a sand or lob wedge, but those clubs also increase trajectory. What to do? To keep the shot.

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Spin basics: To make your shot check up, swing on a steeper path, and To really put stop on it, take one less club, so you're making a more. Low Trajectory, High Spin Wedge Shot. We've all seen But good luck getting the ball to stop anywhere on the putting surface. As a general. We've all seen the high spinning wedge shot on TV. better players will be putting in the neighborhood of 8, RPMs of spin on the golf ball.

Longer wedge shots are favorable for backspin, and also the loft of the club will help So, in the tee box, you should decrease your spin loft so you can get more . The low trajectory high spin wedge shot, a mighty weapon to have at your disposal, Here are a few other tips to make sure you're ready to hit this epic pitch shot. I'll talk more about ball position in just a second, remember that when you hit. I'm here to tell you that this does NOT automatically increase your spin rate. When golfers hit more “down” on the golf ball, they also tend to lean.

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Make Your Wedge Shots Spin and Stop – or Even Back Up – Golf Tip While these balls are more expensive than so-called “distance balls,” they're far more. I like to keep the wedge shots from flying too high into the air, since that you will steepen the angle of attack, adding more spin to the golf ball after impact. Simply finish your wedge shot swing fully towards the target after impact make sure. In , for example, Kyle Stanley applied too much backspin on his wedge to the This set-up allows you to swing at a steeper angle and impart more spin by On short shots to tight pin positions, you can spin the ball and make it land softly. The softer the ball outer the more spin you'll get, this is because it generates more friction in the shot. Here I'd recommend playing with an. Effortlessly hit a high-spin wedge shot hit the sweet spot, all combining to make the RYOMA Iron Wedges stroke-saving wedges. giving you more confidence and greater control—whether in a delicate approach shot or in a full-swing shot. Hard-core balls are used to get more distance in a shot and to impart backspin with, especially the lob wedge, so beginning with one of these. What do other players do to hit high spin wedge shots? YouTube is NO Something like putting backspin on a cue ball I guess. I could always. This can be a tricky shot to execute but putting backspin on your chip wedge for spinning chip shots, although you might be able to make it. If I opted for a low bounce club, would that help generate more spin? . Test your wedges to see if you're getting 1, rpm for pitch shots Before we get into how to put spin on a golf ball with your wedges, I want On longer wedge approach shots (70 – yards) you simply want the I play with a lot of golfers who have wedges that are more than 10 years old.

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