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Monthly average temperatures, rainfall, snow days & record high and low Trusted news, delivered daily to your inbox Subscribe to the MSN Today newsletter. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded. January. RECORD, RECORD. DATE, HIGH MIN, YEAR, LOW MAX, YEAR. 1, 48, , 16, 2, 50, , 13, 3, 53, , 12, 4, 57, ,

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France recorded temperatures nearly two degrees higher than its . be careful today both for oneself and for loved ones and neighbours.”. Date, Average Low, Average High, Record Low, Record High, Average Precipitation, Average Snow. January, 20°, 33°, ° (), 67° (), NA, NA. Date, Average Low, Average High, Record Low, Record High, Average Precipitation, Average Snow. May 1, 48°, 63°, 36° (), 83° (), , NA.

There are many more precipitation stations than temperature stations, so the raw number of precipitation records will likely exceed the number of temperature. Doyle Rice | USA TODAY. Facebook Twitter Email. degrees. degrees. Those unfathomably hot temperatures, recorded in Kuwait in. He added: We accept that Death Valley temperature extreme record. Obviously if any . Today sibi Baluchistan pakistan temperature is above 56°. Like · Reply.

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State Temp. Record Highest Temperatures by State. State, Temp. °F, Temp. °C, Date, Station, Elevation in feet. Alabama, , 44, Sept. 5, , Centerville. The highest temperature ever recorded on European soil was 48C. It was observed in Greece in Browse today's tags. US politics50th moon. Several countries have reported record temperatures this week, and France hit its highest temperature on record today at °C in the. The record for the hottest temperature ever in France was broken three be beaten again on Friday as it was still relatively early in the day. France has hit its highest recorded temperature - C (F) like leaving children in cars or jogging outside in the middle of the day. Records were shattered as the polar vortex unleashed the harshest More than daily low minimum and daily low maximum temperature records spent 36 consecutive hours below 0°, from 1am Wed. to 1pm today. France recorded its highest-ever temperature on Friday as continental Europe continues to struggle with an intense heat wave. (Its hottest temperature ever recorded is , lower than many cities This is insane we broke the record high for the day at Virginia Key at. Ian Duncan writes on Facebook: 'France has its hottest recorded temperature ever'. New record - C on June 28th, beating the old absolute. Daily High/Low Temperature Records By Month & Day Downtown Los Angeles. Records For Period Grand Park, Los Angeles. Arthur J. Will.

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