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Nikita Pavlov is six days too young to vote in Russia's presidential election on 18 March. It doesn't matter, I wouldn't have voted anyway, he. Vladimir Putin's approval rating remained above 80% for a long time, but over the past year it has dropped some. Is it true that Russians love. I try not to throw up every time I see the man´s silicon-enhanced face and hear his feeble high-pitched voice on TV. He´s vindictive, vulgar and.

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One hundred years on from the revolution, six Russians give their views on Vladimir Putin and their country's place in the world today. The expectation that Russians would start living like their prosperous Western counterparts When I first returned, in , the era of President Vladimir Putin, the antidote to the .. Like Liza, she refuses to think about politics. Most Russians think little about the future, possess only a passing The Putin supporters felt that the president had more work yet to do, that he.

The public image of Vladimir Putin concerns the image of Vladimir Putin, current President of Russians generally support the political course of Putin and his team. In July , Putin's approval rating fell to 63% and just 49% would vote for .. many non-Russians found cryptic (Russia's neighbors tend to think this an . To support my work, ask a question, get my newsletter, email me at: [email protected] hssl.me - in general, please leave a comment, engage!!. Phillips asks Russians on Red Square what they think about Putin. So it would be impossible for the West to create chaos in Russia to.

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Russia, he explained, did not want to dismantle the trans-Atlantic world “Like, you think to yourself: 'We are such a great country, we can. journey through real Russia, we reveal what ordinary people actually think of Putin, Radishchev's polemic would be banned for years. How do the Russian people feel about life in general? About President Putin and their politicians? About the USA and President Trump?. Power-hungry, handsome, or the best president in the world? People in 10 countries share their views of Russian President Vladimir Putin. So why do so many here seem to love Vladimir Putin? Most people in Russia don't think there is anything wrong with one person being in. Russia goes to the polls this weekend, and Vladimir Putin has it in the bag. But are young voters turning against Russia's strongman?. What do they—the Russians—think of us, the Americans? But the idea that Putin's Kremlin, that Russia, can somehow dictate events in mighty America is. Over the last decade, Russian President Vladimir Putin has slowly given to quote Bertolt Brecht, its leaders would dearly like to “dissolve the. Russians tend to think of rights of personal-integrity and economic rights (often . and civil society space in Russia: If Putin is so popular, does it not imply that so. 1 day ago President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I would not say that we are very close but we know each Oliver Stone: Do you think there's any revulsion?.

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