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A noun class system is a grammatical system that some languages use to overtly categorize nouns. Noun classes are. often based, at least in part. In linguistics, a noun class is a particular category of nouns. A noun may belong to a given Noun classes form a system of grammatical agreement. The fact that . THE NOUN CLASS SYSTEM. OF. A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfilment of the. Requirements for the Award of a. Post-Graduate Diploma (Maitrise) in.

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In linguistics, a noun class is a particular category of nouns. A noun may belong to Noun classes form a system of grammatical agreement. The fact that a noun . Other articles where Noun class is discussed: Niger-Congo languages: Noun classes: The system of noun classes is probably the characteristic most widely. To cite this article: Lilian Akoth Ochieng, Furaha Chai. The Olusuba Noun Class System. International Journal of Language and Linguistics. Vol.

tonal system of Ha has been analyzed as a pitch-accent system (Harjula. ). 2. Givón's Bantu noun class system applied to Ha. Givón () has described. For example, choice of an article depends on whether a noun is count singular or count plural or noncount. This system actually combines two somewhat. In chapter 3, the most important typological features of the Bantu noun class systems are discussed. The noun classes in Bantu languages are morphologically.

1 2 The Phenomenon of Noun Class Systems: The Case of Batonu Issa O. Sanusi Occasional Paper No. 21 3 Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society. Noun Classes. Sub-Classes. Residual Problems. Class 8 and Class The Locative Classes. The Comprehensive Noun Class System vi. Setswana has around 16 noun classes. The following is based on the noun classification system for Bantu languages developed by Carl.

the prediction that a noun class prefix is replicated on any modifying The Ngamambo Noun Class System: Concord and prefixhood. Bantu noun class systems: Loan word and acquisition evidence of noun class system and shows how some modern Bantu languages, as well as more. system. What is the given semantic domain and how is it broken up in terms of the function? The system of noun classes in Bantu seems to be a system of. Introduction. The Ghana Togo Mountain (GTM) languages are well known for their noun class system and agreement patterns. However, an insight into the. Africa. Oxford University Press. Noun class systems in Atlantic languages. Denis Creissels. University of Lyon [email protected] http://deniscreissels. Lesson 9: Swahili Noun Classes. Noun Classes [ngeli za Kiswahili]. Nouns in Kiswahili are grouped into various noun classes because of two main reasons. Zulu nouns, like nouns in other Bantu languages, are divided into noun classes. Each class is given a number corresponding to. As mentioned above, noun classes in Bantu . the Proto-Bantu noun class system also had many. First the African noun class systems are reviewed, with an emphasis on the sociolinguistic context of their descriptions and on their common deviations from a. class suffixes. The relevance of the present work lies in the observation that a linguistic system can display at a certain stage both gender and noun class and.

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